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Pledge of Allegiance & Circle Time 

Art & Music


Our Mission Statement

The Learning Tree Academy’s goal is to create an environment conducive for learning, socializing and growing stronger emotionally. The motto “I believe I can fly” is used to inspire and propel students into greater confidence, stronger self-esteem and the motivation to strive for excellence. Children become accomplished through self-expression and creativity which allows them to “Reach for the Stars” knowing no dream or goal is impossible to attain. Reaching out to children with kindness, love, and respect ensures an atmosphere of trust and safety, which allows each student the desire and opportunity to reach his or her potential. Making learning “fun” is the key to developing a love for learning and the insatiable need and curiosity to know more. Ultimately, this philosophy and these tools for success, will more than prepare each child for their exciting journey into Kindergarten and world of education. “By growing strong roots in academics and character, students will soar into the future, confident and inspired to learn.

Our Background

Mrs. V and Ms. Donovan have over 47 years of combined experience in the education system, and since 2010, have molded The Learning Tree Academy, LLC, into a productive and positive learning environment that propels children forward in their learning career. Children walk away from The Learning Tree Academy with not only confidence in their learning, but advanced skill in both math and language. 





Mesa Arizona 85213

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